Why not wallpaper?

There are many ways to transform a space but nothing does it quite like wallpaper. Many people claim to not like wallpaper but can’t give me a good reason why. While we may not like all patterns and colours, to dismiss wallpaper outright can really limit your design options. There are endless possibilities from large scale patterns and glitzy, crystallized wallpapers to simple options that add subtle texture to a space.

If you are ever stuck on the design of a room, a great way to start is to find a beautiful wallpaper that you love, then create a cohesive colour scheme from there. It’s amazing how your choice in wallpaper can pull together a whole room.

If adding wallpaper is a little daunting, I would suggest starting with a small room like a powder room or perhaps a feature wall. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Stephani Buchman


Tobi Fairley


Fina Designs