A Wonderful New York Apartment

While reading my May issue of House Beautiful, I was so impressed by the lovely New York apartment designed by Christina Murphy Pisa and her associate Nina Carbone. The wonderful apartment belongs to lifestyle blogger Sarah Rose, whose blog is called What Sarah Knows.

The designers did an impeccable job of incorporating colour into the apartment without making it feel jarring. There is a vibrant, happy feel to the space, which is exactly what Sarah requested. Each room has its own personality, yet there remains an easy flow from each room to the next.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! To see more pictures head over to her blog: What Sarah Knows



04-hbx-helenbilt-glass-fixture-0515-2 05-hbx-natasha-law-painting-0515-1-2 09-hbx-pink-master-bedroom-0515-2 15038118549_985cb81dff_o gallery-03-hbx-purple-velvet-stools-0515-1-2
gallery-08-hbx-vintage-coffee-table-0515-1-2 gallery-11-hbx-green-tufted-headboard-0515-1-2

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