Outside Christmas Decorations

wreath-black-bowpink-outdoor-christmas2christmas-wreath2 gold-bow pink-bowpink-christmas-decor3pink-christmas-decor
pink-outdoor-christmas   christmas-wreath

I love the holiday season! It’s such a great time of year to spend time with family, dress up for holiday events and most importantly the kids are home from school which means I get to sleep in…a bit! While I have always decorated my inside I’ve never made it outside. After 7 years and begging my husband to help me with the outside Christmas decorations we finally have outdoor Christmas lights. We decided to focus solely on the front door this year and with time extend to the rest of the house. It made it far less overwhelming, more for my husband than for me lol. When decorating either inside or outside it’s best to start with a scheme, whether it’s a colour scheme or a certain feel. Look to your surroundings to be inspired. I painted my door pink last year so I definitely new that I wanted to introduce pink in my decorations (of course a color that was not easy to find). After searching everywhere I stumbled across these adorable pink bows and mini ornaments at Michaels. I decided along with the pink that gold and black would look fabulous. Gold ornaments are everywhere so I knew it wouldn’t be challenging to find and the black brings out the black elements throughout the exterior, like the the lights and the door handle.

Before placing the garland on the columns, I laid the garland on the floor and added the ornaments and bows, which made it super easy to hang after. We just needed to adjust a few things.

The wreath I purchased came with a red bow so I purchased a black ribbon from Michaels and asked them to make me a bow to replace the red.

To make my planters more Christmassy I used some glue and glued the 2 ribbons that I used on the rest of the decorations and tied everything together with the adorable pink bows in the centre.

I can’t believe it took so long to decorate my outside but I’m so glad I did. The kiddies love it too even though they begged for a Darth Vader and Olaf blow up on the front lawn, maybe next year ?

If you’ve been wanting to decorate your outside start small and build each year, even if it’s as simple as a wreath!