How to make the black dress not boring!

Today’s post is all about the black dress and making it not boring! Like many of you, I love black. While I am not afraid of color I still tend to gravitate toward black pieces in my wardrobe. Probably because of how practical and versatile they are. Black is great for those who’s wardrobe is not quite where it needs to be, I always suggest to start off with the basics (ie. black dress) and go from there. Often times I hear people say they don’t want to wear black because it’s boring. Well I am here to tell you how to unbore (pretty sure this is a word lol!) it.

The first thing to look for are pretty details. This black dress has the cutest bow on the back of it. Who can say no to a bow? I know I can’t!

black dress

black dress

Add a little sexy to it! Choose a silhouette that shows a bit of skin. The back of this dress is open revealing a bit more back than usual, it’s unexpected and ups the sexy factor. If showing your back isn’t quite your thing, choose something else to focus on, like your shoulders, a lower neckline or shorter length. Dresses with front cut outs are great too. They show a bit of skin without being too revealing.

black dress

Finally add some colourful accessories! These pink shoes change this outfit completely! Typically most people just reach for black but here’s where you can have fun. And yes, my lipstick matches my shoes! (Check out my post about my 3 favourite MAC cosmetic lipstick here.) You could even do red, leopard print, or cobalt blue!

black dress

black dress

Would love to hear your comments on making the black dress not boring!

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