Top Spring trend to try now – colored denim

If you’re a fan of denim, (who isn’t?) then your going to love the trend of colored denim. I myself love to wear denim of any kind, so I was so excited to mix things up by changing from typical denim washes to coloured denim! A classic closet staple modernized by color!

colored denim

colored denim

With an array of colors available it’s easy to find the ones that suit you best. If you’re still weary to jump on the trend, I recommend trying a darker colour. If you’re totally on board then have fun with brighter colors.

colored denim

The moment I saw these burgundy colored jeans, I fell in love with the color! The extremely slim leg allows me to wear them with pumps and booties. ​

colored denim

The great thing is that colored denim is not just for spring but will also work well in the summer. Summer evenings can get a little chilly in Vancouver so denim is a good option in the summer months as well.

I’m so glad I have these in my wardrobe and you will be too! Give colored denim a try.

colored denim

colored denim

What do you think of the colored denim trend? Leave your comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Top Spring trend to try now – colored denim

  1. This was a major manifestation for me. I actually needed to research a very similar topic and I am extremely grateful that you had this here! I adore it and this really helped me out with a project, thanks so much!!!

  2. Love your outfit! I’ve always been a bit unsure how to wear coloured denim, but I think I may take the plunge now that I have seen your post! Thanks for sharing

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