My most coveted boots – my pink Hunter Boots

Yep, my favorite boots in my wardrobe are my pink hunter boots. If you live in Vancouver or anywhere else where it is constantly raining, you will understand why!

Vancouver is such a gorgeous city! I feel so blessed to live here but man does it rain way too much. I hate the rain! I’m a sun and hot weather kind of girl. I used to hate taking the kids to school when it was raining until I finally bought my first pair of Hunter boots. hunter boots

hunter boots These boots seriously changed everything for me. Knowing I could go out and keep my feet dry and warm made me so happy! Also, how cute are they?

The first pair of Hunter boots I bought were these red ones and after wearing them on repeat (despite wearing them so much, they are still in great condition!) I invested in these stunning pink ones. hunter boots The thing I love the most is how versatile Hunter boots are. They look so cute paired with a dress like I’ve shown but also with jeans or leggings!

These boots are perfect for a rainy shopping day, I even wear them to my boys soccer games. hunter boots

hunter boots

I’m not the only fan of these boots in our house, my son loves them. He wears them all the time!

hunter boots

This particular style is called the original tour boot. I prefer this style for the fact that it’s light weight and easy to travel with.

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hunter boots

Honestly one of my best purchases and so worth it. Next are the black ones!

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14 thoughts on “My most coveted boots – my pink Hunter Boots

  1. Your blog is gorgeous, your pictures are gorgeous, your gorgeous! Really loved the atmosphere when I came. Wonderful post! Freaking adorable boots and umbrella! love love xoxo

  2. I would’ve never guessed pink Hunter boots could look so amazing and chic! I loved how you styled them with a black dress. It’s the perfect pop of color! ?????? Rainy season is close here and now I’m thinking of investing in some Hunter boots 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I live in England so we are definitely used to rain over here. I LOVE my hunter wellies (that’s what we call them over here), especially when taking my dog for a walk across the fields. Keep up the good posts xo

  4. They look so cute! I love the pink! I am allergic to the cold so if I was living in a really cold place I would be sure to invest in some of these as well. They would definitely brighten up a dreary looking day too.

  5. Aww Maria i do like your Outfit, you look gorgeous wearing your pink Wellingtons, such a feminine color, I’m currently wearing my black Wellingtons to keep my Tights dry when it rains but a pink pair are deffo on my wish list.

  6. Adorable outfit with these hot pink boots! I get what you are saying about running around in the rain…it is not fun when your feet get wet. I wear almost nothing but boots in the winter. I am a warm weather girl too but we have been having so much rain in Northern California. Your son is adorable just like his mama.

  7. I love your pink accents. The pink boots and umbrella are adorable. I have wanted to go to Vancouver for a long time since I have a bunch of friends who live there. It’s always been quite expensive from Toronto, so I haven’t flown over yet, but it’s on the bucket list. 🙂 Have a great week!


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