The pretty pastels you need this spring

With the arrival of spring also comes the arrival of many pretty pastels.

Blush pink, powder blue and soft lilac are all quintessential springtime shades. It is often in the springtime that we see a ton of these delicate hues, and it is especially true for this season.

There is not one store that hasn’t embraced the pretty pastel craze this spring.

These softer shades are not only ideal for springtime but are also perfect for the warmer months ahead.

While these pretty pastels may seem too feminine for some, don’t be afraid to pair your favourite candy coloured hue with black for a bold look. Or if you are like me and love that ultra feminine look you can go full on head to toe pastel.

As I mentioned in my previous post, How to add an instant glow with this pink ruffle top, I am not afraid of colour and nor should you this season.

I’ve selected some of my favourite pastel pieces right now!

I would love to know, what’s your favourite pastel colour?

Pretty Pastels

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37 thoughts on “The pretty pastels you need this spring

  1. Great picks! I love it all. I am so into the pastel colours. It’s so pretty. I will have to purchase some. Thanks?

  2. I love pastels…and I also love spring, my favourite season. I just wish I was more interested in fashion, I need a nice pastel dress (or many) and call it a day with any decision-making lol

    1. Yes, a pastel dress is perfect for the spring! It’s amazing how much better we feel when we feel good in our clothes! Keep following along for more outfit inspiration. Maybe you’ll be more interested in fashion

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