You Need This Striped Dress For Your Next Vacation

Looking for a perfect dress for your upcoming vacation? Then you need this pretty striped dress! It has that vacation vibe and is super comfortable and lightweight. I love that it is a little sheer at the bottom, but still long enough to wear no matter what the occasion.

Striped Dress

Striped Dress

Recently I wore this blue and white striped dress to my son’s preschool graduation. I received so many compliments , not just because it’s super cute, but also because I felt great in it.

The most important thing about finding the right pieces is feeling good in them. Your attitude can transform any outfit. I say that a lot but it’s because I really believe it.

I love a dress that is pretty enough to wear on holiday and yet practical enough to wear running errands. (Which I did after the graduation!)

Striped Dress

Striped Dress

Striped Dress

We have an exciting vacation coming up this summer, and this is the first dress that I’m packing.

It’s bitter sweet that my little guy graduated from preschool. He’s my baby and it’s hard to believe he’s going to be in kindergarten come September. For the first time all of my kids will be in school full time, everyday! I am sad that they are growing up so fast but I’m ready to have a bit more time to focus on other things.

Striped Dress

striped dress

I’m so blessed that I’ve been able to be with my kids everyday and witness all their first moments, from their first steps to their first day of school. It’s been a tough job but worth every sacrifice!

It wasn’t planned for us to coordinate but it totally worked out that way.

Striped Dress

Striped Dress

I hope you are all having a great week!

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Dress – Lulus 

4 thoughts on “You Need This Striped Dress For Your Next Vacation

  1. I love the dress. Super cute!! You look beautiful in it.Your kids are growing fast I can’t believe my youngest grandchild graduated from preschool.?

  2. Awww he’s so handsome. I’m not looking forward to my son growing up either lol. He’s about to move up to a higher level class in his daycare and that’s been making me sad. So I can only imagine how I’ll be when he’s getting ready for Kindergarten. So sad!

    Lovely dress too. It’s definitely perfect for a vacay.

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